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Video Game Bus Wilmington

When was the last time your children stepped away from electronic devices? With the era of smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles being at the tip of our fingers, it becomes tough to control our kids' screen time. However, who said kids cannot have the best of both worlds?

Introducing, a company that offers a fun, interactive way to make your child's next birthday party or gathering unforgettable. With a fleet of video game trucks, they bring the excitement to your doorsteps.

What is a video game truck, you may ask? A video game truck, also known as a gametruck, is a mobile gaming theater equipped with high-definition screens, popular gaming consoles, and a vast library of video games for kids to choose from.

Video game trucks come in different sizes, making it convenient for families with different party sizes. The Game bus also provides a gaming coach to ensure your child and their friends receive the best gaming experience.

Not only are these video game trucks a fun way to entertain our youngsters, but they also promote team-building skills and the necessary socialization skills children need to learn while growing up.

“Our video game trucks are an excellent way to encourage healthy competition and establish peer relationships among children,” said the founder of

Gametrucks aren't just for kids! They are also perfect for team-building events or corporate parties. You can choose from a variety of games to suit your company's interests and even personalize your special occasion.

It's a win for both you and your child. Give them an experience they'll never forget while still getting them away from their gadgets with Let's make gaming more social!